Flash fiction

Tomorrow (May 16th) is apparently another of those days celebrating something, in this case, Flash Fiction, as mentioned on the Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/may/14/how-to-write-flash-fiction

I can’t say that ‘Flash Fiction’ is really that new – Jorge Luis Borges wrote books full of short stories and summaries, such as ‘Extraordinary tales (written with Adolfo Bioy Casares).

In the true spirit of writing when I should have been working, I wrote one myself and posted it on the site. Here it is in full:

There was a tower  far away, pocked by barnacles and blasted by gales. A staircase twisted through the centre, curved like the whorl of an old sea snail. An enchanter waited there, day by day, longing for the girl who slipped between the waves. Rheumy eyes peered through a spyglass, seeking strands of yellow hair upon the rolling swell. Yet she stayed aloof, laughing, ever distant, never once stepping on the shingle shore. Until one night, she came and knocked, and he scuttled down the worn steps, toes protruding from his socks. Taking his hands in hers, she drew him to the placid waters. Hanging back, he gasped “no”, but she would not relent.  Just before the ocean sucked his grey hairs into its maw, he choked out his final words, “how I longed for you to come to my world, never once dreaming that you desired me for yours.”


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