Flash Fiction 2

A Guarantee from a Manatee

On the night of the storm, my vessel was torn, blasted into splinters over the waves. Grasping a stool and a sink, I was thrown in the drink by the powerful gusts of the gale. Perceiving my doom in that watery tomb, I was giving up hope when a voice suddenly spoke from somewhere out in the gloom. A manatee cocked its eye at me, out from the foam of that frothing sea.

I got a guarantee from that manatee that things would turn out well. It gave me hope on my makeshift boat as I bobbed about on the swell.

Throughout the next day, I was carried away, buffeted, broken and sloshed, until, upon some unknown shore, I was unceremoniously tossed.  I choked and I coughed, I cried and  I sobbed to be back on dry land once more.

Just then, some shadow of a large-boned fellow fell upon my kneeling form. As that figure approached, its flippers flopped on the slope, and my feeling of hope was reborn.

“Manatee! Manatee!” I wept, using seaweed to wipe my brow. “Your words have kept me alive these days though sure I know not how!”

“Sir, you do me wrong. I am dugong,” he scoffed, whirling his whiskers round his mouth. “A guarantee from a manatee wouldn’t be worth the slime that they scoff down their snouts.”

Complete nonsense. For more on flash fiction, check out an earlier post from me here.

(c) Alastair Savage 2013.


6 responses to “Flash Fiction 2

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  2. The first and last paragraphs are my favourite, of a really enjoyable piece, The first for me evoked the dramatic nature of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, whilst the last was a clever twist that had me smiling.

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