Interview with fantasy / Sci-Fi commissioning editor David Moore

I’ve been really busy recently with lots of deadlines so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would have liked. However, this week, I have managed to post a blog on the Amazing Stories website. I had a great chat with David Moore, the commissioning editor of Abaddon Books in the UK, and he gave me an insight into what really goes on ‘behind the scenes’. You can read the interview here:


Over recent weeks, I have posted a few other articles on the site, so please have a look at these if anything catches your fancy:

A review of Marvel Comics: the Untold Story by Sean Howe (another fun insight into the world of publishing)

An interview with Sci-Fi author Eric Brown:

And a rather over-excited reaction by me to the news that Blakes 7 will be returning to our screens:

Even though I haven’t posted anything new for a while, I do still have hopes that more people will cast an eye on one of my more obscure missives of last year: the one-legged man in Victorian Fiction. Check it out!

7 responses to “Interview with fantasy / Sci-Fi commissioning editor David Moore

    • But it must include Avon! He’s one of my all-time favourite characters. I’ve been planning a post on him for ages but never quite got round to it. Blakes 7 is a real guilty pleasure. I have all four series on DVD …

      • I just realised I added the apostrophe, how foolish of me. I too own the DVDs proper awesome, so camp and fun,

        I look forward to your Avon post, he was the man, no one quite like him in sci-fi land. I loved his fighting stance, I think I may recreate it at random points during the day from now on.

      • You also need to hold a hairdryer or a household torch threateningly in your hand to get the whole Avon effect. It’s impossible to find those cool jackets he wears though!

      • I am impressed that you have tried. His trademark wit seems to fall on deaf ears around here, but the town here is (mostly) peopled by the dull and stupid. A huge plastic bracelet would be wonderful though.