Elephant corridor appeal in India

As our newsfeeds fill with froth and nonsense, whilst the rich of the world bicker over how much power they should keep to themselves, we the public stand on the brink of a precipice, seemingly unable to stop an ecological disaster of epic proportions.

However, this is not the case. I believe a sea change is coming in terms of our relationship with endangered species. Great progress was made in the CITES conference this week in terms of banning the trade in pangolins. We await with great expectation an announcement from the Chinese government about the further steps that they will take to stop the illegal trade in wild animals.

Meanwhile, The World Land Trust has launched a campaign along with the Wildlife Trust of India. They want to create wildlife corridors in India which will stop people and elephants from coming into conflict with each other. If successful, they will also produce a pathway which tigers, leopards, antelopes, and many other animals will be able to use to travel between isolated groups of the same species.

I think it’s a great charity with clear objectives, as explained in this video.

The endorsement of major figures like Sir David Attenborough also proves that they really can make a difference. Read more about the appeal here http://www.worldlandtrust.org/projects/elephant-corridor-appeal



2 responses to “Elephant corridor appeal in India

  1. I’ve heard of similar things in the Himalayas with some big cats in the National Geographic a few years back. It’s great that we can start to hep the wildlife, keeping humans and animals apart whilst allowing species to have a chance at replenishing their species.

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