Flash fiction

I do love a bit of Flash fiction! Here are the stories which have appeared on my blog so far.

Some of them are realistic:

The 3D printer – the danger of the loner.

As the world turns – throw a dart in the globe and go where it lands.

How to travel the world for free – backpacker cunning!

Turned Turtle – problems abroad in the Caribbean.

Sailors’ Tattoos – now who might Alpot and Suffolk Lee remind you of?

Other stories show a slightly fantastical view of our world:

The recipe — a rare brew indeed.

The Chase – you don’t want to trip over in this race.

Others are pure fantasy or science fiction:

How the Chinese horoscope began.

Field Notes from the Planet Bass – naturalist’s notes from an alien world.

Invasive species – doomsday arrives!

The Night After the Night Before – my most popular piece ever!

Discombobulating Discobolus – an extraordinary archeological discovery in a future Florida.