Strange lights over Mexico

Mexico has been all a-twitter over the last week owing to a strange phenomenon observed over the volcano of Popocatépetl. At around 8.45 p.m. on Thursday 25 October, video cameras recorded a mysterious glowing object apparently entering the volcano’s crater.

Because it was not seen by the naked eye, no one knows what this object was or even what size it might have been. It appears to have been a glowing cylinder, about 1,000 meters long and 200 meters wide, travelling faster than 500 miles per hour.

At this stage, no one is sure whether the cylinder actually entered the volcano or not. There is also a possibility that it landed somewhere behind the caldera.

In addition to this, some observers dispute the existence of the object at all, suggesting that it might have been an optical illusion caused by strange effects of light hitting the lens on the recording equipment. Those cameras are, however, finely tuned scientific instruments. They were trained on Popocatépetl to record volcanic activity. The volcano has been erupting pretty much continuously since 1994, and a major eruption remains a real and present danger for people living nearby.

Foe Spanish speakers, you can read a fuller report in this article, which was also my photo source: